Influence of Orthodox Brotherhoods on the Formation of Spiritual Culture in Ukraine

L. Hursʹka
1999 Ukrainian Religious Studies  
Christianity has exerted invaluable influence on all spheres of human existence, first of all spiritual. Religious systems, being the same content for many nations, have a different effect on the history and consciousness of these peoples.Religious situation in Ukraine at the end of the XVI century. is marked by complexity. After the Union of Lublin in 1569, Ukrainian Orthodoxy, along with Catholicism, became dominant in the Commonwealth. But the episcopate of the Kievan Metropolitanate,
more » ... opolitanate, worried about increasing its own and church holdings, paid little attention to the training of staff for the Orthodox Church, the education of young people. At the same time, Catholic orders that appeared in Ukraine after the union, were active missionary work. Over time, they permeated all spheres of public life of the Ukrainian people. The prestige of Orthodoxy began to fall, causing the gentry to convert to Catholicism. The situation was complicated by the so-called right of "submission" to the king and "patronage" of the gentry, especially when the "patron" of Orthodox laymen became a Catholic or Protestant. Kievan Metropolis gradually embraced church disorder.
doi:10.32420/1999.10.843 fatcat:huupq6r2afhg3na3jvezhmylmm