Some Studies on Semi-local Rings

Masayoshi Nagata
1951 Nagoya mathematical journal  
The concept of semi-local rings was introduced by C. Chevalley [1], which the writer has generalized in a recent paper [7] by removing the chain condition. The present paper aims mainly at the study of completions of semi-local rings. First in § 1 we investigate semi-local rings which are subdirect sums of semi-local rings, and we see in § 2 that a Noetherian semi-local ringRis complete if (and only if)R/pis complete for every minimal prime divisorpof zero ideal, together with some other
more » ... h some other properties. Further we consider in § 3 subrings of the completion of a semi-local ring. § 4 gives some supplementary remarks to [7], Chapter II, Proposition 8.
doi:10.1017/s0027763000012186 fatcat:3ade7umlubcshihl5ux6d7htvi