Strengthening Convex Relaxations of 0/1-Sets Using Boolean Formulas [article]

Samuel Fiorini, Tony Huynh, Stefan Weltge
2018 arXiv   pre-print
In convex integer programming, various procedures have been developed to strengthen convex relaxations of sets of integer points. On the one hand, there exist several general-purpose methods that strengthen relaxations without specific knowledge of the set S , such as popular linear programming or semi-definite programming hierarchies. On the other hand, various methods have been designed for obtaining strengthened relaxations for very specific sets that arise in combinatorial optimization. We
more » ... ropose a new efficient method that interpolates between these two approaches. Our procedure strengthens any convex set Q ⊆R^n containing a set S ⊆{0,1}^n by exploiting certain additional information about S . Namely, the required extra information will be in the form of a Boolean formula ϕ defining the target set S . The aim of this work is to analyze various aspects regarding the strength of our procedure. As one result, interpreting an iterated application of our procedure as a hierarchy, our findings simplify, improve, and extend previous results by Bienstock and Zuckerberg on covering problems.
arXiv:1711.01358v3 fatcat:p3yvosmvdjef3cob6juvpyb4oy