Efficacy of serratus anterior muscle block as a part of multimodal analgesic regimen in patients undergoing modified radical mastectomy

Atin Goel, Sanjeev Palta, Richa Saroa, Puja Saxena
2020 Sri Lankan Journal of Anaesthesiology  
The quest for optimal analgesia after modified radical mastectomy has made anaesthesiologist steer its way into the arena of ultrasound guided interfascial blocks. Providing round the clock post-operative analgesia is standard care of treatment provided in our institution to enhance early recovery and prevent morbidity secondary to chronic pain syndromes. We hypothesised that administering serratus anterior muscle (SAM) block as a part of multimodal analgesia would be more efficacious in
more » ... ficacious in providing post-operative pain relief than intravenous patientcontrolled analgesia (IV-PCA) alone in patients undergoing modified radical mastectomy (MRM). Methods: After obtaining the institutional ethics committee approval and written informed consent, 60 females with American Society of Anaesthesiology (ASA) physical status I and II, aged between 20-80 years, scheduled to undergo MRM under general anaesthesia were randomized to receive post-operative IV-PCA with or without ipsilateral SAM block administered in the study group just after induction. The data was analysed for all quantitative variables and measures of dispersion. Normality of data was ascertained, and appropriate statistical tests were applied. Results: The mean pulse, blood pressure and VAS (at rest and movement) was found to be significantly higher at all time intervals in the group not receiving SAM block. Also, the total morphine dose, rescue analgesic consumption as well incidence of post-operative nausea and vomiting was higher in group that received IV-PCA only in the post-operative period. Conclusions: We conclude that post induction, single shot ultrasound guided ipsilateral serratus anterior muscle block provides effective post-operative analgesia in patients undergoing modified radical mastectomy than IV-PCA alone.
doi:10.4038/slja.v28i2.8547 fatcat:mt2jgmwbb5eufos6q5sn6eslre