Wavelet algorithm for the estimation of pitch period of speech signal

M.S. Obaidat, T. Lee, E. Zhang, G. Khalid, D. Nelson
Proceedings of Third International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems  
An algorithm based on dyadic wavelet transform (DyWT) has been developed for detecting pitch period. Pitch period is regarded as an important feature in designing and developing automatic speaker recognitionhdentification systems. In this paper, we have developed two methods for detecting pitch period of synthetic signals. In the first method, we estimated the pitch period using the original signal. Whereas, in the second method, pitch period was estimated from the power spectrum of the signal.
more » ... trum of the signal. Several experiments were performed, under noisy and ideal environmental conditions, to evaluate the accuracy and robustness of the proposed methodology. It was observed from the experiments that the proposed techniques were successful in estimating pitch periods.
doi:10.1109/icecs.1996.582908 fatcat:cv5dxxrvnrdwvizuybxw5qp3ue