Hot air and steam in puddling furnaces

1878 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
282 Bismuth Bronze. IJour. Frank. Inst., Bismuth Bronze.--A bronze, composed of 52 parts copper, 30 parts nickel, 12 parts zinc, 5 parts lead, and 1 part bismuth, resists oxidation, and is especially fitted for the preparation of mirrors, lamp reflectors, ete.--Fortsch, der Zeit. C. Hot Air and Steam in Puddling iFurnaces.--Lemut describes an apparatus for combining hot air and superheated steam in puddling furnaces. The grates, the sides of the fire-boxes and of the ash-plt, and all the
more » ... and all the hottest portions of the apparatus, are connected with airchambers, which are so supplied with vapor as to increase their durability, and at the same time to furnish an ample quantity of air for the draft, heated to a temperature of from 450 ° to 500 °. By means of this elevated temperature he has been able to introduce superheated steam under the grate, and to realize an important saving by its decomposition. The total saving effected by his apparatus, he estimates at more than 25 per cent.--Ann, des Mines. C.
doi:10.1016/0016-0032(78)90319-8 fatcat:2uy7qn53zjcmtdychkzsa6wirm