Empirical verification of the weighted system of criteria for the elite water polo players quality evaluation

Mladen Hraste, Drazan Dizdar, Viktorija Trninić
2010 Collegium Antropologicum  
The aim of this research was to check the validity of the weighed system of criteria for evaluating the actual quality of water polo players proposed by Hraste, Dizdar and Trninić. The authors have determined the attributes of the measurement instrument for assessment of the overall performance efficiency of elite water polo players. Based on the determined descriptive indicators, on the coefficients of the relative importance of criteria, and on the degree of the objectivity level
more » ... level (interobservers' agreement) of the expert evaluations, it can be concluded that the measuring attributes (objectivity and sensitivity) for most of the criteria are in accordance with their relative importance coefficients for a particular position in the game. Consequently, a structure of relevant criteria is proposed for each play action position in the water polo game. The established instrument for evaluation the actual quality of the elite water polo players is a precondition to establish the professional system orientation, but it would also mean and a hypotheses for adequate design tactic model of play and a process of sports preparation. In succeeding steps of developing the system of criteria and its applicability, the latent structure of the criteria variables should be determined as well as overall importance of criteria with respect to the game of water polo.
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