Quantitative Studies of the Optic Nerve Fiber Layer in the Chicken Retina

Tomohiro Imagawa, Yuko Fujita, Hiroshi Kitagawa, Masato Uehara
1999 Journal of Veterinary Medical Science  
The optic nerve fiber layer (NFL) of the chicken retina was studied quantitatively and morphologically at 17 positions along seven radially arranged bands from the dorsal tip of the pecten oculi using electron microscopy. The number of nerve fibers was counted in areas 6 µm in width × the full thickness of the NFL. Myelinated nerve fibers in the NFL were also identified immunohistochemically using anti-myelin basic protein serum. The dorsal area (dorsal, dorso-temporal and dorso-nasal bands) in
more » ... rso-nasal bands) in the retina had thin NFL and contained the largest number of nerve fibers, which were mainly thin and unmyelinated. The ventral area (ventral and ventro-temporal bands) had a thick NFL and contained a relatively small number of nerve fibers, many of which were myelinated. The nasal band had the thickest NFL and contained as many nerve fibers as the dorsal area, with the temporal band showing a high ratio of myelinated fibers. The band had a thick NFL and contained many nerve fibers with a relatively low ratio of myelinated fibers. The relationship between the number and composition of nerve fibers in the NFL to the chicken visual characteristics was discussed. Although the myelin in the chicken retina was loose type, the myelin-forming cells were similar in appearance to dense oligodendrocytes. -KEY WORDS: chicken retina, morphometry, myelinated fiber, nerve fiber layer.
doi:10.1292/jvms.61.883 pmid:10487226 fatcat:b53hnmq5fncsth5lbq7zhfvxau