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2020 unpublished
The authors present a revised composite depth scale and orbitally-tuned age model for Walvis Ridge ODP Site 1264 (S. Atlantic), based on XRF core-scanning ln(Ca/Fe) data which has been calibrated to shipboard %CaCO3. This is a substantial undertaking and will be extremely useful for further studies. The methods are described in detail and sufficiently illustrated, hence the new splice and age model appear to be robust. Overall the paper is well-written and organised, and I'm happy to see it
more » ... happy to see it published close to its present form. Key methodological points that the authors address are, first, correcting the XRF results from over several years, and from different instruments/settings (Supplementary fig.
doi:10.5194/cp-2020-108-rc2 fatcat:fxzmtzrjj5fsrfniruerwrc2ti