Ikuo ONO
2007 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
・・k・ by means ofanaIyzing his wor ( . The analysis is descr 量 bed 重 n fbuf chapters as fb110ws コn ohapter 2, the s 蜘 ctute of Holl ' s wordS which means his coneept " phenomertal architeeture " is exphcated wit 庭 adich α omous sch a . hl ohapt 巳r 3, as suggested by the structUre of a scherna which explicates the phenomenologica 且 reduc 丘on , Holrs ' cphysics " and " metaphysics " are explioated schamatically . ttnd it is shown that the shi食 to " metaphysics " 厳om " physics " in Holl ls nothhlg
more » ... in Holl ls nothhlg 馳 t the phenomenologlcal tπ mscende 皿 al shi貴, In chapter 4 , it is clarified that
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