Kritik atas Kritik al-Fadi terhadap Gramatikal al-Qur'an

Hasan Ansori
2019 Kalimah  
Charging an authenticity of al-Qur'an is not something new in the realm of Qur'anic studies. They who criticize al-Qur'an seemed to think that they were able to find out an error in al-Qur'an. In fact, there is no single accuse toward al-Qur'an lasts long nowadays. One who was known criticize al-Qur ' an was 'Abdullah 'Abd al-Fadi, a Saudi Muslim wrote book 'Is the Qur'an Infallible?' Al-Fadi was very confident and defiance to say there were 243 errors in the Qur'an so that al-Qur'an is not as
more » ... l-Qur'an is not as sacred as most Muslims believe in. In his book, al-Fadi mentions ten topics discussing errors he found in al-Qur'an, including grammatical errors in Qur'anic language. By reviewing al-Fadi's work, this paper presents several examples of errors stated by al-Fadi, coming with an attempt to counter them by referring to ideas of Muslim scholars, especially grammatical experts and interpreter (mufassir) . This paper conclude that al-Fadi's charge is not true. All the grammatical errors of the language put forward by al-Fadi can be refuted through proper grammatical argumentation and it seems that al-Fadi did not understand the Arabic rules properly before indicating errors of Qur'anic grammar before accusing it.
doi:10.21111/klm.v17i1.2941 fatcat:b34zldogdnappcqk6vh6yvk5am