C. Heike Schotten, Queer Terror: Life, Death, and Desire in the Settler Colony. (New York: Columbia University Press, 2018). 272 pp. ISBN: 9780231187473

Yin-An Chen
2020 Foucault Studies  
In her book, C. Heike Schotten makes a personal Declaration of Queer Terror, written in order to respond to the oppressed situation of Palestinians, who are treated as death, lifeless and antimoral non-humans (in contrast to the privileged and valued of lives of settlers). In the manner of Lee Edelman with Michel Foucault, and by means of holding a critical conversation with Giorgio Agamben and Hannah Arendt, Schotten brings queer theory into discussion of biopolitics and biopolitical analysis.
more » ... political analysis. Her agenda of queer terror reveals how, for the purpose of moralising ideological notions of life and death and of justifying genocide and dispossession, moralism is first introduced and then incorporated into the futurism and settler colonial operation of European sovereignty. Therefore, as Schotten provocatively asserts, if we aim at challenging the construction of 'terrorism,' which has been appropriated to rationalise Islamophobia, we should queer 'terrorism' and consciously subvert moralism: let's declare that we, too, are queers, bent on the annihilation of the social order and its ceaseless reproduction of spectators of nihilism and death. We choose not to choose empire or the endless futurism of colonial domination. We choose to stand on the side of 'terrorism. ' (p. 168)
doi:10.22439/fs.v1i28.6079 fatcat:t3vejt2cenfhbgjklh2pfoj3be