The Past, Present and Future in Tube- and Paper-Based Colorimetric Gas Detectors

Koji Kawamura, Kazumasa Miyazawa, Lloyd Kent
2021 AppliedChem  
Colorimetric gas detectors have been widely applied in many fields such as environmental sciences, industrial hygiene, process control, forensic science and indoor air quality monitoring. They have a history of about 100 years and include devices such as gas detector tubes and paper-based gas detectors. The sensitivity and selectivity of the colorimetric gas detector are relatively high compared to other types of gas detectors such as semiconductor, catalytic combustion and electrochemical gas
more » ... etectors. Detection of gas concentration can be performed by the naked eye in some colorimetric gas detectors. These methods do not require an electrical power source and are simple, so they are suitable for field operations. This review introduces the history and provides a general overview of the development in the research of colorimetric gas detectors. Recently, the sensitivity and selectivity of colorimetric gas detectors have improved. New materials such as enzymes or particles with a large surface area have been utilized to improve selectivity and sensitivity. Moreover, new gas detectors without toxic materials have been developed to reduce the environmental load. At present, there is a rapid development of IoT sensors in many industrial fields, which might extend the applications of colorimetric gas detectors in the near future.
doi:10.3390/appliedchem1010003 fatcat:25dnhad7kfdpvicf3e7hctjidi