XXXI.—On a new lead-salt, corresponding to cobalt-yellow

S. D. Hayes
1861 Quarterly Journal of the Chemical Society of London  
I am not yet prepared to give my salt any decided rational formula, but its composition may be expressed in several ways as below. When 2N0, is passed over ZKO, we get KONO, and KONO" two distinct salts; but if ZNO" be passed over COO and KO, as in the case of cobalt-yellow, or over PbO and KO, as in this salt, we get only one salt of a double composition, which we may write in like manner : KONO" CoONO" or KONO" PbONO, + HO. But there is an objection to this, as cobalt-yellow is almost 338
more » ... w is almost 338 BLOXAM ON THE insoluble in water. These salts may also be looked upon as double peroxides, in which two equivalents of oxygen have been replaced by two equivalents of NO" thus but from the nature of the salts I hardly think that NO, exists in them. However Gmelin describes a salt to which he gives the formula 2Pb0, NO" aq"* and we express the composition of these salts, just as well, by writing them thus, KONO" CoONO,; or KONO" PbONO, + HOl This subject will be pursued, and I hope to get several other salts, which must give some reactions that will lead to the right rational formula, These experiments were made in the laboratory of the Edinburgh University.
doi:10.1039/qj8611300335 fatcat:5672dn34trdtdoapcyvwfvice4