Continuous adsorption of methylene blue dye on the maize stem ground tissue

Predrag Kojic, Vesna Vucurovic, Natasa Lukic, Milica Karadzic, Svetlana Popovic
2017 Acta Periodica Technologica  
Continuous adsorption of methylene blue from aqueous solutions onto maize stem ground tissue in column mode was investigated. The study encompassed the effects of important parameters such as flow rate, initial concentration of methylene blue, and bed depth on methylene blue removal from model solutions. The maximum adsorption capacity of the maize stem was 45.9 mg/g at the initial methylene blue concentration of 20 mg/L, bed height of 6.5 cm and flow rate of 8 mL/min. It was found that the
more » ... found that the breakthrough time for reaching saturation increased with a decrease in the flow rate, and also occurred earlier for a higher influent concentration. The breakthrough times increased with the bed depth, thus allowing a larger volume to be treated. The Adams-Bohart, Yoon-Nelson, Clark and artificial neural network models were used to predict the breakthrough curves. These models gave excellent approximations of the experimental behavior.
doi:10.2298/apt1748127k fatcat:akubxyjt2nefrbr632udehxce4