Dilaton domination in the MSSM and its singlet extensions

Jan Louis, Kai Schmidt-Hoberg, Lucila Zarate
2014 Physics Letters B  
We analyse the current status of the dilaton domination scenario in the MSSM and its singlet extensions taking into account the measured value of the Higgs mass, the relic abundance of dark matter and constraints from SUSY searches at the LHC. We find that in the case of the MSSM the requirement of a dark matter relic abundance in accord with observation severely restricts the allowed parameter space, implying an upper bound on the superpartner masses which makes it fully testable at LHC-14. In
more » ... table at LHC-14. In singlet extensions with a large singlet-MSSM coupling $\lambda$ as favoured by naturalness arguments the coloured sparticles should again be within the reach of the LHC-14, while for small $\lambda$ it is possible to decouple the MSSM and singlet sectors, achieving the correct dark matter abundance with a singlino LSP while allowing for a heavy MSSM spectrum.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2014.05.056 fatcat:i45qyxhgzjdu3fldrdgsrywali