Aesthetic Principles of the Upper Front Teeth: Application of Golden Proportion (Levin) and Golden Percentage (Snow)

Emese Rita Markovics, Kinga Jánosi, Carmen Biriș, Diana Cerghizan, C Horga, B Bögözi, Alina Iacob
2013 Acta Medica Marisiensis  
Objective: The objective of our work is to examine the presence of the much-discussed golden proportion provided by Levin, and of the golden percentage (Snow), on the widths of maxillary anterior teeth, by measurements made on digital images. Material and method: The material of this study consists of digital photographs taken of subjects with natural and esthetic teeth. We took photos of 68 subjects (35 women and 33 men), between 19 and 26 years. Using a computer program, we made the necesarry
more » ... made the necesarry measurements, then we made the appropriate calculations of the above theories. Results: The golden proportion between the lateral and central incisor occurs in a higher proportion than between the canine and the lateral incisor. The values obtained by analyzing the golden proportion differ slightly from those proposed by Snow. Conclusions: The frequency of the golden proportion is not significant for the groups of teeth mentioned. With small modifications and taking into consideration ethnic differences, Snow's golden percentage is more valid and applicable than Levin's golden proportion is.
doi:10.2478/amma-2013-0005 fatcat:nrtioecxo5a25e475ncigjzw3a