On Improving Service Chains Survivability through Efficient Backup Provisioning [article]

Saifeddine Aidi and Mohamed Faten Zhani and Yehia Elkhatib
2018 arXiv   pre-print
With the growing adoption of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), large-scale NFV infrastructure deployments are gaining momentum. Such infrastructures are home to thousands of network Service Function Chains (SFCs), each composed of a chain of virtual network functions (VNFs) that are processing incoming traffic flows. Unfortunately, in such environments, the failure of a single node may break down several VNFs and thereby breaking many service chains at
more » ... the same time. In this paper, we address this particular problem and investigate possible solutions to ensure the survivability of the affected service chains by provisioning backup VNFs that can take over in case of failure. Specifically, we propose a survivability management framework to efficiently manage SFCs and the backup VNFs. We formulate the SFC survivability problem as an integer linear program that determines the minimum number of required backups to protect all the SFCs in the system and identifies their optimal placement in the infrastructure. We also propose two heuristic algorithms to cope with the large-scale instances of the problem. Through extensive simulations of different deployment scenarios, we show that these algorithms provide near-optimal solutions with minimal computation time.
arXiv:1810.06725v1 fatcat:u7l7izl4obbbrikjrqijswnb2i