CSG: A new stochastic gradient method for the efficient solution of structural optimization problems with infinitely many state problems

Lukas Pflug, Niklas Bernhardt, Max Grieshammer, Michael Stingl
2020 Structural And Multidisciplinary Optimization  
This paper presents a novel method for the solution of a particular class of structural optimzation problems: the continuous stochastic gradient method (CSG). In the simplest case, we assume that the objective function is given as an integral of a desired property over a continuous parameter set. The application of a quadrature rule for the approximation of the integral can give rise to artificial and undesired local minima. However, the CSG method does not rely on an approximation of the
more » ... mation of the integral, instead utilizing gradient approximations from previous iterations in an optimal way. Although the CSG method does not require more than the solution of one state problem (of infinitely many) per optimization iteration, it is possible to prove in a mathematically rigorous way that the function value as well as the full gradient of the objective can be approximated with arbitrary precision in the course of the optimization process. Moreover, numerical experiments for a linear elastic problem with infinitely many load cases are described. For the chosen example, the CSG method proves to be clearly superior compared to the classic stochastic gradient (SG) and the stochastic average gradient (SAG) method.
doi:10.1007/s00158-020-02571-x fatcat:dud6js6ofbehrewrlmdv74dgza