A comparison of measured 8 × 8 MIMO systems with a popular stochastic channel model at 5.2 GHz

H. Ozcelik, M. Herdin, H. Hofstetter, E. Bonek
10th International Conference on Telecommunications, 2003. ICT 2003.  
We compared the average capacities of measured 8×8 MIMO systems with the capacities calculated from a popular stochastic MIMO model. This model separates the influence of fading from the correlation at transmit (TX) and receive (RX) arrays. By using directional RX antennas and a virtual 20×10 TX array with omni antennas we measured the MIMO channel at different RX positions in an indoor office scenario at 5.2GHz. For low correlation at the receiver and transmitter the model fits very well. But
more » ... or high correlation at both receive and transmit side considerable discrepancy arose. In these cases we found that the entries in the fading matrices are not independent identically distributed with mean power of unity, as assumed in the model.
doi:10.1109/ictel.2003.1191663 fatcat:ghjfpoat4fe6rdny3ebdllmoty