Calculations of air cooler for new subsonic wind tunnel

A S Rtishcheva
2017 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Analysis of subsonic wind tunnel with variation shape rectangular and octagonal on test section D Rhakasywi, Ismail, A Suwandi et al. -Industrial wind tunnels J A Balchin -Research of heat transfer of staggered horizontal bundles of finned tubes at free air convection A V Novozhilova, Z G Maryna, A V Samorodov et al. -This content was downloaded from IP address 207.241.231. Abstract. As part of the component development of TsAGI's new subsonic wind tunnel where the air flow velocity in the
more » ... elocity in the closed test section is up to 160 m/sec hydraulic and thermal characteristics of air cooler are calculated. The air cooler is one of the most important components due to its highest hydraulic resistance in the whole wind tunnel design. It is important to minimize its hydraulic resistance to ensure the energy efficiency of wind tunnel fans and the cost-cutting of tests. On the other hand the air cooler is to assure the efficient cooling of air flow in such a manner as to maintain the temperature below 40 С for seamless operation of measuring equipment. Therefore the relevance of this project is driven by the need to develop the air cooler that would demonstrate low hydraulic resistance of air and high thermal effectiveness of heat exchanging surfaces; insofar as the cooling section must be given up per unit time with the amount of heat Q=30 MW according to preliminary evaluations. On basis of calculation research some variants of air cooler designs are proposed including elliptical tubes, round tubes, and lateral plate-like fins. These designs differ by the number of tubes and plates, geometrical characteristics and the material of finned surfaces (aluminium or cooper). Due to the choice of component configurations a high thermal effectiveness is achieved for finned surfaces. The obtained results form the basis of R&D support in designing the new subsonic wind tunnel.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/891/1/012042 fatcat:ovycbyan2nbzjmaxj5nxz5j6ai