Editorials and Medical Intelligence

1862 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
they have generally seen their patients limp in whom there was shortening of the limb. If displacements of an angular character, and occasioned by rotation, can lie prevented, the result is already satisfactory."-Edinburgh Medical Journal. Fucus Vesicui.osus as a Remedy for Obesity.-M. Duchcsnc Duparc strongly recommends Ibis plant as a means of diminishing an uncomfortable tendency to obesity, lie reports three cases in which its use was attended by a decided diminution in weight, without any
more » ... ther appreciable effect. In one case, the loss was from twelve to fifteen pounds in about two months; in another, the diminution in weight was thirty pounds in three months; in a third, there was a decided relief from the discomfort under which the patient had long labored, but the record is incomplete. The reined}' is best administered in the form of alcoholic extract, of which there may be taken as much as three or four grammes daily. Great care should be used in the collection of the fucus, as it is easily confounded with other marine plants, which arc entirely inert, so far as the peculiar efficacy of the vesiculosus is concerned.
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