Intersheet Distance Modeling and Thermal Characterization of New Micro/Nano-Composites Composed by Clay Matrix and PEG 6000 Addition

Iatimad Akhrif, Mostapha El Jai, Laila Mesrar, Raouf Jabrane
2016 Open Journal of Civil Engineering  
Nowadays, the energetic efficiency becomes one of the major interests of the global society. Thus, the energetic challenges of the new century enforce the scientific and industrial environment to the development of new efficient materials, which present more than the classical thermal properties, according to the energy storage, energy consumption and other specific needs. In this context, the present work constitutes the third step of the development of a new kind of composite materials
more » ... te materials (microcomposites and nano-composites), using natural marl (clay) clay and biodegradable polymer, which is the PolyEthylene Glycol 6000 (PEG 6000). This step corresponds to characterization of the variation of the specific heat (denoted Cp) of the materials elaborated. So, in order to estimate the capacity of thermal energy adsorption, we utilized a SHIMATZU-DSC 60 Differential Scanning Calorimeter. The main results present the evolution of the Cp according to the PEG 6000 doping and also the specific melting enthalpy of the polymer within the natural clay matrix; by the way this enthalpy constitutes the specific heat stocked in the materials.
doi:10.4236/ojce.2016.64048 fatcat:rlilpsvxzvbfnlzemt46clgdgq