On Fuzzy Soft Set-Valued Maps with Application

Shehu Shagari Mohammed
2020 Journal of the Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences  
Soft set and fuzzy soft set theories are proposed as mathematical tools for dealing with uncertainties. There has been tremendous progress concerning the extensions of these theories from different point of views of researchers so as to accommodate more robust and expressive applications in everyday life. In line with this development, in this paper, we combine the two aforementioned notions to initiate a novel concept of set-valued maps whose range set is a family of fuzzy soft sets. The later
more » ... oft sets. The later idea is employed to define Suzuki-type fuzzy soft $(e,K)$-weak contractions, thereby establishing some related fuzzy soft fixed point theorems. As a consequence, several well-known Suzuki-type fixed point theorems are derived as corollaries. Examples are also provided to validate the new concepts and to support the authenticity of the obtained results. Moreover, an application in homotopy is considered to show the usability of the obtained results.
doi:10.46481/jnsps.2020.48 fatcat:boxbbzdahfgutdu5hoenxboaji