Марія Цуркан
2022 Наукові інновації та передові технології  
The method of exercises in the process of teaching the Ukrainian language to foreign students of medical institutions of higher education is described; it is stated that the exercises play a decisive role in the formation of the Ukrainianlanguage professional and communicative competence of future specialists in the medical field, since they contribute to the development of necessary practical professionally important language and speech skills in students, the acquisition of skills in
more » ... g a professional dialogue in the "doctor-patient" pair; the following system of exercises is presented and characterized: preparatory (propaedeutic), introductory (motivational, cognitive), trial (warning, commented, explanatory), training (according to a sample, instruction, task), creative (reconstructive, constructive), control exercises, as well as : observation and analysis of language units in a coherent text; analysis of texts of various types and styles of speech; stylistic experimentation (synonymous substitutions in the text); construction of various language units (according to models, schemes); construction of coherent statements (creative works); editing other people's and own speech. It is emphasized that all the above types of exercises are aimed at the formation of practical abilities and skills in accordance with the implementation of four types of speech activity (receptive: reading and listening; productive: speaking and writing). The most effective types of exercises that contribute to the formation of Ukrainianlanguage professional and communicative competence are characterized. a foreign medical student. It is substantiated that the effectiveness of the method of exercises in the process of learning the Ukrainian language as a foreign language for students of medical institutions of higher education depends on the quality of mastering the phonetic system of the Ukrainian language, its lexical and grammatical means, the ability to correlate lexemes with the phenomena of reality, to determine their functions, to use words appropriately in a specific life and professional context.
doi:10.52058/2786-5274-2022-12(14)-368-378 fatcat:xdqngtakyjcllpri5enbrkxrsu