The role of porous graphite plate for high quality SiC crystal growth by PVT method
고품질 4H-SiC 단결정 성장을 위한 다공성 흑연 판의 역할

Hee-Jun Lee, Hee-Tae Lee, Hee-Won Shin, Mi-Seon Park, Yeon-Suk Jang, Won-Jae Lee, Im-Gyu Yeo, Tai-Hee Eun, Jang-Yul Kim, Myoung-Chul Chun, Si-Hyun Lee, Jung-Gon Kim
2015 Journal of the Korean Crystal Growth and Crystal Technology  
The present research is focused on the effect of porous graphite what is influenced on the 4H-SiC crystal growth by PVT method. We expect that it produces more C-rich and a change of temperature gradient for polytype stability of 4H-SiC crystal as adding the porous graphite in the growth cell. The SiC seeds and high purity SiC source materials were placed on opposite side in a sealed graphite crucible which was surrounded by graphite insulator. The growth temperature was around 2100~2300 o C
more » ... nd 2100~2300 o C and the growth pressure was 10~30 Torr of an argon pressure with 5~15 % nitrogen. 2 inch 4 o off-axis 4H-SiC with C-face (000-1) was used as a seed material. The porous graphite plate was inserted on SiC powder source to produce a more C-rich for polytype stability of 4H-SiC crystal and uniform radial temperature gradient. While in case of the conventional crucible, various polytypes such as 6H-, 15R-SiC were observed on SiC wafers, only 4H-SiC polytype was observed on SiC wafers prepared in porous graphite inserted crucible. The defect level such as MP and EP density of SiC crystal grown in the conventional crucible was observed to be higher than that of porous graphite inserted crucible. The better crystal quality of SiC grown using porous graphite plate was also confirmed by rocking curve measurement and Raman spectra analysis. 고품질 4H-SiC 단결정 성장을 위한 다공성 흑연 판의 역할 이희준, 이희태, 신희원, 박미선, 장연숙, 이원재 † o off-axis 4H-SiC의 C면 (000-1)을 사용하였고 다공성 흑연 판은 SiC 소스 물질 위에 삽입하였다. 4H-SiC 결정다형 안정화를 위한 C-rich 조건이나 균일한 온도구배를 만들어주기 위 †
doi:10.6111/jkcgct.2015.25.2.051 fatcat:oru3y6iscnhclpginyiuezkeim