NIF Inert Gas/Vacuum Management Prestart Review Phase 3 - Permit Spatial Filter Vacuum [report]

J Williams, T Beavers, S Bryan, G Hermes, H Patton
2001 unpublished
Criterion: This element of the MPR is with respect to the long-term operation of facilities or equipment. These vacuum tests will be performed using a temporary installation of auxiliary equipment. The contractor will maintain this equipment per manufacture recommendations during the test period. A detailed maintenance plan for this equipment is not required. Approach: 1) Documents and records review. N/A. 2) Personnel interviews. BIS Operations and Commissioning Manager 3) Walk-downs,
more » ... alk-downs, inspections, observations of activities. N/A Criterion: Personnel planned to do this work have been identified. The plan should include personnel to perform vacuum vessel and tube assembly, vacuum system connections and operation, leak detection and vessel entry. The staffing plan will be used to verify training and qualification of personnel and identify any personnel who may need additional specific training for this work. The plan will also be used to verify that there are adequate personnel to perform this work safely and effectively. Approach: 1) Documents and records review. Reviewed Jacobs Training, Qualification, and Certification of Commissioning Test Personnel (IMI-9.3) and a draft of LT Personnel Qualification and Certification for JFI at NIF and sample questions for ASNT standard for qualification of leak check Level II. Also review the available installation procedures and test procedures LT-002 and LT-101. Reviewed one resume for the Commissioning Test Engineer. 2) Personnel interviews. BIS Operations and Commissioning Manager 3) Walk-downs, inspections, observations of activities. N/A Discussion of Results and Conclusion: Jacobs has developed a detailed project level staffing and schedule plan. A specific plan listing the specific personnel required for this work is being developed. Currently only one person, the Commissioning Test Engineer, has been identified. He will function as the MSLT Level III for this work. His resume indicates he has the training and work experience required for this work. Other personnel functioning as Level II and Level I, required to perform this work, have not yet been identified.
doi:10.2172/15013286 fatcat:q27oiajb7jhrdbrb6zolk773ze