Avdo Ceranic
2016 Sanamed  
one is the confirmation of success of working on this journal and the confirmation of maturity of the Editorial Board, which put a great effort in making it possible for the last 10 years. A great amount of attention was paid on the quality and the earnestness of the journal. We have to highlight the importance of the collaborators worldwide, in achieving our goal. They have devoted themselves in each and every step along the way. They corrected the deficiencies in order to give Medical Journal
more » ... ive Medical Journal 'Sanamed' more serious and professional character. The second thing is that now in front of us stands one fully standardized and successfully matured journal, which will be introduced to the medical scientific elite of experts in the following years. These same elite helped us in achieving our goal all these years and enabled us to become a part of many libraries worldwide. Both of these previously stated things, paved a safe path for easier work in the future, which will still require energy, knowledge and the same efficacy to put the Journal on the top of the scale of recognized. Regardless of the effort put in improving our Journal and rising on the scale of recognized, some people that were deciding on its categorization were curious about the origins of this Journal. 'Sanamed' is competing with journals with longer tradition and journals coming from the great university centers and with ones that was more logical to sit on the throne, without putting a lot of effort. I would like to state a remark to ones who were brave enough to ask, how is it possible that one small environment like Novi Pazar and the guild of doctors of this small town can produce such earnest journal. I would not be commenting it any further at this occasion, but I would like to kindly ask them to be more objective next time and not to watch the origins of the journal, rather what it contains and the qualities it bears. I would point out also that just this year we celebrated the tenth anniversary of the State Uni-
doi:10.24125/sanamed.v11i3.164 fatcat:xj6eanoc4rfr3jyhvivyt43u5m