Recent Developments in the Evolution of Morphologies and Controllers for Physically Simulated Creatures

Tim Taylor, Colm Massey
2001 Artificial Life  
Karl Sims' work 25,26 on evolving body shapes and controllers for three dimensional, physically simulated creatures generated wide interest on its publication in 1994. The purpose of this paper is threefold: (1) to highlight a spate of recent work by a number of researchers in replicating, and in some cases extending, Sims' results using standard PCs (Sims' original work was done on a Connection Machine CM-5 parallel computer). In particular, a re-implementation of Sims' work by the authors
more » ... by the authors will be described and discussed; (2) to illustrate how off-the-shelf physics engines can be used in this sort of work, and also to highlight some deficiencies of these engines and pitfalls when using them; and (3) to indicate how these recent studies stand in respect to Sims' original work. * The authors conducted the work described here while employed at MathEngine PLC
doi:10.1162/106454601300328034 pmid:11461690 fatcat:pwmawbftuzhangn7ivjftalkgm