Modelling the Distribution of Lasers in Biological Tissues

Teodora Petrova, Zhivo Petrov
2018 International Journal Bioautomation  
This paper addresses the optimization of continuous bioconversion process of glycerol to 1, by Klebsiella pneumoniae. The studied bioprocess is a complex nonlinear system that involves the gene regulation for dha regulon, enzymecatalytic kinetics on the reductive pathway, the active transport of glycerol and (passive) diffusion of 1,3-PD across the cell membrane, and the inhibition of glycerol dehydratase (GDHt) and 1,3-propanediol oxidoreductase (PDOR) by 3-hydroxypropionaldehy (3-HPA). We
more » ... ehy (3-HPA). We first propose a nonlinear optimization model that can maximize the production rate of 1,3-PD. Then the optimal solution of this optimization problem is obtained by using an interior point method. In this approach a sequence of barrier problems are solved iteratively. We finally obtain the maximum production rate of 1,3-PD increased more than 22.86 times its initial value.
doi:10.7546/ijba.2018.22.3.213-228 fatcat:cgibonn6pbe33enupggpvb4dbm