Implementation Design of UPCON-based Traffic Control Functions working with vEPC

Megumi Shibuya, Atsuo Tachibana, Teruyuki Hasegawa
To resolve the Radio Access Network (RAN) congestion issue, 3GPP is standardizing a mechanism named User Plane Congestion Management (UPCON) which notifies congestion status information on RANs to Evolved Packet Core (EPC) or behind EPC for efficient traffic control of Long Term Evolution (LTE). This paper presents the implementation design of the traffic control functions (we call them "TCFs") working with virtualized EPC (vEPC). TCF can control traffic in accordance with congestion status
more » ... ngestion status information on RANs, which is supposed to be notified by Evolved Node B (eNB) to EPC and its behind systems based on UPCON. We implemented the proposed system as virtual machines working with commercial vEPC software, which includes EPC functions, such as Serving/Packet data network GateWay (S/P-GW) and Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF). Through the experimental system, we evaluated the feasibility of TCFs. In addition, we discuss the applicability of TCF to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).