Maximization Network Throughput Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm and Network Coding for Optical Multicast Networks

Chengying Wei, Cuilian Xiong, Huanlin Liu
2017 Journal of optical communications  
AbstractMaximal multicast stream algorithm based on network coding (NC) can improve the network's throughput for wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) networks, which however is far less than the network's maximal throughput in terms of theory. And the existing multicast stream algorithms do not give the information distribution pattern and routing in the meantime. In the paper, an improved genetic algorithm is brought forward to maximize the optical multicast throughput by NC and to determine
more » ... the multicast stream distribution by hybrid chromosomes construction for multicast with single source and multiple destinations. The proposed hybrid chromosomes are constructed by the binary chromosomes and integer chromosomes, while the binary chromosomes represent optical multicast routing and the integer chromosomes indicate the multicast stream distribution. A fitness function is designed to guarantee that each destination can receive the maximum number of decoding multicast streams. The simulation results showed that the proposed method is far superior over the typical maximal multicast stream algorithms based on NC in terms of network throughput in WDM networks.
doi:10.1515/joc-2016-0100 fatcat:c25gtrubwjbyte5akwhnqaz4nu