Application of EKF to parameters estimation for speed sensorless vector control of two-phase induction motor

K. Yazid, K. Bouhoune, M. Menaa, A. Larabi
2011 International Aegean Conference on Electrical Machines and Power Electronics and Electromotion, Joint Conference  
The rotor circuit time constant is an important parameter for indirect field oriented control. Incorrect estimation of the rotor time constant also leads to incorrect flux angle calculations and can cause significant performance deterioration if no means for compensation or identification is applied. The magnetic saturation, the operating temperature and difficulties in using sensors for speed measurement are one of the sources of parameters variations, caused by non-linear nature of the
more » ... zing curve and the variations of the rotor resistance. The classical indirect field-oriented control is highly sensitive to the inductance values decrease when increasing the saturation level. To solve this problem, the extended Kalman Filter associated to the neural network (EKF-ANNs) trained off line algorithm are used to estimate the rotor resistance, the main inductance and the rotor speed. The proposed EKF-ANNs compensation has shown a good performance in both the transient and steady state operations even in the presence of noise, and also at either variable speed operation in the field-weakening region or in the load variation.
doi:10.1109/acemp.2011.6490624 fatcat:oqjwj32rkbdutngayozhsnmyd4