EUV Emission Lines and Diagnostics Observed with Hinode/EIS

Peter R. Young, Del Giulio Zanna, Helen E. Mason, Ken P. Dere, Enrico Landi, Massimo Landini, George A. Doschek, Charles M. Brown, Len Culhane, Louise K. Harra, Tetsuya Watanabe, Hirohisa Hara
2007 Nippon Tenmon Gakkai obun kenkyu hokoku  
Quiet Sun and active region spectra from the Hinode/EIS instrument are presented, and the strongest lines from different temperature regions discussed. A list of emission lines recommended to be included in EIS observation studies is presented based on analysis of blending and diagnostic potential using the CHIANTI atomic database. In addition we identify the most useful density diagnostics from the ions covered by EIS.
doi:10.1093/pasj/59.sp3.s857 fatcat:snq4r6znnvgqzi2wj2auujuqyi