Upper Pleistocene Gulo Gulo (Linné, 1758) Remains from the Srbsko Chlum-Komin Hyena Den Cave in the Bohemian Karst, Czech Republic, with Comparisons to Contemporary Wolverines

Cajus Diedrich, Jeffrey Copeland
2010 Journal of caves and karst studies  
Wolverine bone material is described from the famous Upper Pleistocene cave Srbsko Chlum-Komin in the Bohemian Karst, Czech Republic, along with an overview of recently known Czech sites. The Gulo gulo Linné material was found in one of the largest Ice Age spotted-hyena dens in Europe. As a result of non-systematic excavations, the taphonomy is partly unclear. Lower-jaw remains indicate a minimum of three wolverines. Two of the mandibles are cracked, which is most likely the result of carnivore
more » ... scavenging. The absence of juvenile G. gulo suggests possible importation of the wolverines by hyenas Crocuta crocuta spelaea Goldfuss.
doi:10.4311/jcks2008pa0070 fatcat:4jlt6cc2ene7nmz5lwqqrsbdoq