Second Interview with Professor John Jolowicz (20 February 2009): Cambridge (1955 - ) [article]

Lesley Dingle, Daniel Bates, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository
Professor Jolowicz was interviewed three times at his home at Barrington, near Cambridge to record his reminiscences of over sixty years of an illustrious academic career, the majority of which was spent in the Faculty of Law at Cambridge. The interviews were recorded, and the audio version is available on this website with this transcript of those recordings. The questions and topics are sequentially numbered in the three interviews for use in a database of citations made across the Eminent
more » ... ross the Eminent Scholars Archive to personalities mentioned therein. Interviewer: Lesley Dingle, her questions and topics are in bold type Professor Jolowicz's answers are in normal type. Comments added by LD, in italics. All footnotes added by LD. Professor Jolowicz, in our first interview we covered your childhood and memories of your parents. You reached the stage where you had completed your first degree at Cambridge and practised as a lawyer in the early '50s. Before moving on, I wonder if we could return to a few points from the first interview. Do you have any reflections, either your own or second-hand from your father of David Daube 3 , who began at Cambridge, moved to Aberdeen, Regius Professor at Oxford, and ended up at the University of California? Well, yes, I do have very strong recollections and I've even got, sitting on there, that book of his reflections.
doi:10.17863/cam.68313 fatcat:lr3rf7d4wnevrowqr7awsn7pwm