Flow Yaşantısı Ölçeği Kısa Formunun Türkçeye uyarlama, geçerlik ve güvenirlik çalışması

Bahar İşigüzel
2014 International Journal of Human Sciences  
The aim of this study is to evaluate the validity and reliability of the Flow Short Scale that was developed by Rheinberg, Vollmeyer ve Engeser (2003) in Germany, for Turkey's conditions. 222 university prep class students (124 female; 98 male) participated in the study. The validity of scale was investigated by construct and criterion related validity methods and the reliability analysis of the scale, measured by assessing the internal consistency parameter. The factor structure of the scale
more » ... s investigated by exploratory factor analysis (EFA). The results of the analysis showed that the factor structures of the scale, which has two complementary subscales (flow-anxiety), were similar with the original scale. It is found that the adapted scales internal reliability co-efficient was .78. The foreign language achievement final points of the semester were used for the criterion validity. There was r=.21 correlation between flow experience and the language achievement final points and r=.34 correlation between anxiety and the language achievement final points (p<.01). The findings revealed that the Flow Short Scale was a reliable and valid instrument for
doi:10.14687/ijhs.v11i2.2826 fatcat:em6zhk77ybexhfsenaifhvm7ti