The Difficulties of the Tactical Defensive, and How to Meet Them

C. B. Mayne
1896 Royal United Services Institution Journal  
in the Chair. PART 11. HAVING in my first lecture but briefly touched on the dificulties that arise in dealing with, or in arranging for, some of the details of the defensive, I shall today pnss on to the larger questions involved. And in doing this I will recall to you what I have stated to be the real purpose and objects of the deftnsjve attitude. As the defensive attitude enables a certain resistance to be carried out by fewer men than it could otherwise be, this altitude is adopted by the
more » ... is adopted by the weaker of two opposing forces to enable it, by its increased material po\ver of resistance, either :--1. To put off the decision of the fight until the opponents have bren so weakened as to be successfully counter-assaulted, or 2. To gain tiiiie to allow of the free action elseuhere of a second friendly force. Both these objects may thus be embraced, with due limitations, under the statement that the objects of the defensive are :-I This niIc may eveti be that of coining to the assistance of the force standiiig on the defcnsive. Downloaded by [University of California, San Diego] at 14:23 29 June 2016 I will frankly state here that, in niy own view, this "pivot bf ' Indeed in ninny cases the application of this principle does not c!epend on the battle ending victoriously for the defenders, provided that Ulcy have gained the requisite delay in the enemy's movements.
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