Applications of Non-Standard Analysis in Topoi to Mathematical Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence: Infons, Energons, Receptons (I) [post]

Ileana Ruxandra Badea, Carmen-Elena Mocanu, Ovidiu Pasarescu
2020 unpublished
This work promotes new methods in Mathematical Modeling, consisting in the use of the methods of Non-standard Analysis in Topoi, having as its main purpose, the mathematical definitions of the pseudoparticles from the title, with arguments from Biology/Physiology (Mathematical Neuroscience), Physics (String Theory and Emergent Quantum Mechanics), and Cybernetics (Global Brain, including Natural and Artificial Intelligence). The connections between brain and mind will be scketched via the
more » ... ched via the genetic/epigenetic interplay. The topoi model the intuitionistic logic (multi-valued) and have been used in Quantum Physics while Non-Standard Analysis in SET (= the Category of sets) has been applied in Mathematical Economics; topics from Theory of Categories were also used in the study of Consciousness; however, the combination topoi - non-standard analysis was never used until now in Applied Mathematics. Another important objective is to produce progress in this aria of Pure Mathematics also - the build of non-standard analysis in classes of topoi, already used in Physics. We propose the logic of non-standard extensions in topoi as a model of the human thinking (based on infons/receptons), these theories representing new top and very difficult results in Abstract Mathematics either.
doi:10.20944/preprints202001.0102.v2 fatcat:5bek2r4p3bgozflwzxnpynrdpa