Assessing genetic variability index among species of ACACIA through morphological and biochemical markers

2019 International Journal of Biosciences  
The present research work was conducted to explore and estimate the intra and inter specific genetic variability amongfour species of Family Fabaceae. The method was used morphometric and protein profiling. The four species include Robina pseudoaccacia, Accacia modesta, Vachellia fernesiana and Leuceana Leucocephalla (Genus Leuceana). The twenty genotypes of each four species were collected from different zones of Dir and swat. In Robina pseudoaccacia the maximum coefficient of variation (CV %)
more » ... showed byInternodes length (32.333%) and minimum by pod width (10.181%). Accacia modesta maximum coefficient of variation was noted in 100 seed weight (28.957%) and minimum in seed length (14.591%) and in Accacia Leuceana the maximum coefficient of variation (CV%) was noted in internodes length (22.959%) and minimum in seed width (7.553%). The comparative variability index of four species shows that, Robina pseudoaccacia have highest coefficient of variation (20.157%) fallowed by Accacia modesta (18.467%) and Vachellia fernesiana (17.922%) while Leuceana leucocephalla had the lowest coefficient of variation (16.07%). Seed storage proteins were detected through SDS-PAGE. In Accacia modesta variation (2.3%) was noted, in Loci B8 (0.45 %) followed by B4, B3 and B2 show (0.05%). In Vachellia fernesiana high level of genetic variability (6.25%) was noted in Loci B11 (0.85%) followed by B3(0.15%). In Robina pseudoaccacia high level of genetic diversity (2.8%) was found in B7 (0.60%) fallowed B3 (0.10%). In Leuceana leucocephalla the high level of genetic diversity (1.55%) was found inB4(0.45%) followed by B8 (0.25%).
doi:10.12692/ijb/14.1.388-401 fatcat:nwsnujnb7rejfpwlurjjkzjhem