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1899 The Lancet  
493 the arm and when he returned to England each scar had i developed into a well-marked keloid, and it is very curious I that in the district where he was when the wounds were inflicted all scars were liable to undergo this change and the native warriors availed themselves of this peculiarity to adorn I their faces with unsightly lumps. Coloured races seem to be especially prone to these excrescences. The same condition would appear to hold good in Australia judging by some illustrations in
more » ... ncer and Gillen's 11 Native Tribes of Central Australia" (Macmillan and Co.). The accompanying illustration is reproduced from a photograph of a native girl whose ears are interesting. The full symmetry of the disease was not discovered until she was on the operating table. A rope of fibroma an inch in i thickness extends the whole length of the sternum, and wherever she has been cut by her native adorners fibroma has occurred. The girl, who was about to be married, declined to have the chest and abdomen photographed. Incipient fibromata could have been counted by the hundred upon her. It is no doubt a case which will come under future observation.
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