Synthesis of ZnO based nanopowders via a non-hydrolytic sol gel technique and their densification behaviour and varistor properties

Shereef Anas, Poothayil Mukundan, Ayyappan Sanoj, Viswanathan Mangalaraja, Solaiappan Ananthakumar
2010 Processing and Application of Ceramics  
Hexagonal nanocrystalline varistor grade ZnO particles with size 50 nm and the specific surface area of 28 m 2 /g have been prepared by non-aqueous gelation technique involving diethylene glycol and triethanolamine. The as-prepared varistor nanopowders were analyzed with the support of XRD, TG/DTA, FTIR, TMA, SEM and TEM. Varistor discs were fabricated by pressing and their densification was studied at 850, 950, 1050 and 1150°C. The evolution of varistor microstructures, extent of grain growth
more » ... nt of grain growth and the influence of microstructure on the I-V properties were explored and presented.
doi:10.2298/pac1001007a fatcat:ivikorzb2vggljjmvgnqxtudne