The Legal System for the Administrative Supply Contract

2020 Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization  
The public administration shall resort to concluding an administrative supply contract in order to ensure the regular functioning of public facilities and steadily in the state, given the need of all public utilities for movables, and the administration shall paid a price specified in the contract.however, the administration enjoys, under this contract, privileges and powers that make it a stronger legal position than the supplier, since it aims to achieve the public interest, so a balance must
more » ... be found between the administration's interest in achieving the public interest and the interest of the resource that aims primarily to achieve profit as a result of concluding This contract, and it must be noted that there is judicial control exercised over all the administration's actions in order not to be arbitrary in the use of its privileges.
doi:10.7176/jlpg/98-23 fatcat:yseq2jw26fca3ljj5c7u622b4q