Atomic Migration Studies with X-Ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy

Markus Stana, Manuel Ross, Bogdan Sepiol
2014 Diffusion Foundations  
The new technique of atomic-scale X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (aXPCS) makesuse of a coherent X-ray beam to study the dynamics of various processes in condensed matter systems.Particularly atomistic migration mechanisms are still far from being understood in most of intermetallicalloys and in amorphous systems. Special emphasis must be given to the opportunity to measureatomistic diffusion at relatively low temperatures where such measurements were far out of reach withpreviously
more » ... ithpreviously established methods. The importance of short-range order is demonstrated on the basis ofMonte Carlo simulations.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:ibx3sq2a2zhsdgtgwat5ljevhq