Transactional and Incremental Type Inference from Data Updates [chapter]

Yu Liu, Peter McBrien
2015 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
A distinctive property of relational database systems is the ability to perform data updates and queries in atomic blocks called transactions, with the well-known atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability (ACID) properties. To date, the ability of systems performing reasoning to maintain the ACID properties, even over data held within a relational database, has been largely ignored. This article studies an approach to reasoning over data from web ontology language (OWL) 2 RL ontologies
more » ... ld in a relational database, where the ACID properties of transactions are maintained. Taking an incremental approach to maintaining materialised views of the result of reasoning, the approach is demonstrated to support a query and reasoning performance comparable to or better than other OWL reasoning systems, yet adding the important benefit of supporting transactions.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-20424-6_20 fatcat:xm7g262xb5fujfrpropezpedsi