Post-conflict behaviour and relationship quality in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)

Cäcilia Faltin
2013 unpublished
Reconciliation, the post-conflict reunion between former opponents, varies among different primate social systems, because social structures influence relationship quality, especially value. Value encompasses all benefits gained from a relationship. Conflict may damage valuable relationships, leading to a possible loss of benefits in the future, which causes stress and motivates former opponents to reconcile. Strict dominance hierarchies lower the value of relationships within the group and
more » ... , reduce the likelihood of reconciliation. However, the only social system for which it has been hypothesized that reconciliation would not be needed is the cooperative breeding system found among most Callitrichids. Cooperative breeders depend on each other for rearing their young. This should promote valuable relationships, but the high security of in such groups is expected to prevent any damage after conflicts. Security means that relationships are stable and predictable over time. Contrary to this hypothesis, reconciliation has been found in another species of cooperative breeders, common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus), but a possible link to the relationship quality of former opponents and influences of conflict characteristics have not been investigated. The current study investigated relationship quality as well as reconciliation and aimed to find out how security and value of relationships influence reconciliation. Only value seemed to influence reconciliation, as did the outcome, directionality and context of a conflict. Submissive vocalizations given by the victim after a conflict were also associated with increased reconciliation. In contrast to other studies demonstrating that valuable partners reconcile more often, no increase in self-directed behaviours indicating of stress after a conflict and their reduction after reconciliation could be found. The results show that there are dyadic differences in relationship quality in common marmosets and that these differences affect reconciliation. Nevertheless, the [...]
doi:10.25365/thesis.29691 fatcat:3dh7fn7pozc3thzoio7ns5qcaq