SEFM-Cloud: A Structure of Social Video Efficient & Flowing Adaptive Mobile Video in the Clouds

Ahmed Abdulateef
2015 unpublished
Data sharing is another common habituated property to the common people. These data sharing include video data in social networks, this was done regularly through mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops etc. We focused on difficulties on video interchange over mobile networks. Mobile network consist limited bandwidth and long buffering time. To overcome these issues we propose adaptive mobile video streaming and efficient public video sharing. These two approaches show scalable
more » ... show scalable results in social network environment. With this framework, the overloading buff-ering time and disruptions can be avoided. The gap between the traffic demand and the link capacity, along with time-varying link conditions, results in poor service quality of video streaming over mobile networks such as long buffering time and intermittent disruptions. Leveraging the cloud computing technology, we propose a new mobile video streaming framework, dubbed SEFM-Cloud, which has two main parts: AMoV (adaptive mobile video streaming) and ESoV (efficient social video sharing). AMoV and ESoV construct a private agent to provide video streaming services efficiently for each mobile user. For a given user, AMoV lets her private agent adaptively adjust her streaming flow with a scalable video coding technique based on the feedback of link quality. Likewise, ESoV monitors the social network interactions among mobile users, and their private agents try to prefetch video content in advance. We implement a prototype of the SEFM-Cloud framework to demonstrate its performance.