Neuartige Ceramide aus Cystobacter fuscus (Myxobacterales) / Novel Ceramides from Cystobacter fuscus(Myxobacterales)

H. Eckau, D. Dill, H. Budzikiewicz
1984 Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C - A Journal of Biosciences  
From cell material of Cystobacter fuscus strain Cb 685 (Myxobacterales) the ceramides 2S ,3R-N-(2′R-hydroxy-15′-methylpalmitoyl)-17-methylsphinga-4E,8E-dienine (1), 2S.3R-N-(2′R-hydroxypalmitoyl)-17-methylsphinga-4E,8E-dienine (10), 2S ,3R-N-(2′R-hydroxy-15′-methyl)-17-methyl-4E-sphingenine (11) and 2S,.3R-N-(2′R-hydroxy-15′-methylpalmitoyl)-17-methylsphinganine ( 12) could be isolated, the structure elu cidation of which is being reported here. The carotenoid myxobactone could be identified as
more » ... ld be identified as the main pigment.
doi:10.1515/znc-1984-1-201 fatcat:yq5orgs2ofdrbcvqlxysvx5iqm