G. G. Jacobson., and V.L. Bianchi Orthoptera an Pseudoneuroptera of the Russian Empire and adjacent countries. After Dr. K. Tümpel's " Die Geradflügler Mittel-Europas," Part I., 1–80, tab, I–V. St. Petersburg, 1902. Ed. by A. Devrient, 410. (in Russian). Price, completed work, about $7

1902 Canadian Entomologist  
of the Russian Empire and gdjacent countries. After Dr. K. Tiimpel's " Die Geradfliigler }4ittel-Enropas," Part f., pp. r-8o, tab. L-\r. St. Petersburg, r9oz. Ed. by A. Devrient, 4to. (in Russian). Price, conrplete rvork, about $7. The authors of this rvork have for their object to coilect all possible information concerning the fauna of the superorders of Orthoptera and Pseudonettroptera in the above-named geographical limits, and to give tlie keys for identification of all species inhabiting
more » ... species inhabiting this extensive area, comprising almost all Europe (except south-west) and the north of Asia to the Hirnalayas and Central China. I'he first part of the 'rvork, just published, contains introduction, keys to the nine orders, an almost exhatlstive bibliography of the subject (over gz r Nos. concerning the Oithoptera genuina alone), and an accouDt of the order Dermatoptera'-" earwigs." The latter is accompanied also with a bibliographical list (166 Nos.) and the keys to the genera and all the species inhabiting the above-mentioned countries, The account of the geograplrical distribution over the vast Asiatic portion of Russia is of great interest, being quite new and elucidating some important facts in this respect. The synonymy, very surprising in certain cases, is based on the strong larvs of priority. -Taking into consideration the great faunic affinity of both the North American and Eurasian continents, we must acknorvledge this work, when continned and completed with the same skill and accuracy, will be very useful to every investigator of these insects in North America. 'Ihe l{ussian language will not offer any great inconvenience to the serioLrs student of these orders. Nrcnor-es Kuswnzow, St. Pctersl-rtrrg. Nlailecl \Iay ()ih, rgo2.
doi:10.4039/ent34130-5 fatcat:7z5ctji6svfhno62ymqrevw374