Literature review of arc/plasma, combustion, and joule-heated melter vitrification systems [report]

C.J. Freeman, G.P. Abrigo, P.J. Shafer, R.A. Merrill
1995 unpublished
DISCLAIMER Portions of this document may be illegible in electronic image products. Images are produced from the best available original document. SUMMARY This report provides reviews of papers and reports for three basic categories of melters: ardplasma-heated melters, combustion-heated melters, and joule-heated melters. The literature reviewed here represents those publications which may lend insight to phase I testing of low-level waste vitrification being performed at the Hanford Site in FY
more » ... Hanford Site in FY 1995. For each melter category, information from those papers and reports containing enough information to determine steady-state mass balance data is tabulated at the end of each section. The tables show the composition of the feed processed, the off-gas measured via decontamination factors, gross energy consumptions, and processing rates, among other data. i Corrosion 1 Corrosion Composition I J Operation 2.1
doi:10.2172/105103 fatcat:hhrkasrj65hojammxebaoyypf4